3" Solar Surface Pump

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“There are many pump companies servicing the agricultural solar pumps industry, but none offer products that exceed the efficiency, reliability and ease of installation and use of Aquasolar’s new AQ Series,” said Eric Morales, general manager at Aquasolar Corporation. “We are proud to provide a new set of options, ‘built and made in the USA,’ to meet the many and varied needs of this market.”

For durability, AQ Series pumps come equipped with Franklin motor frames and stainless steel shaft sleeves. Pumps in the series range from 3 to 75 horsepower, and feature flow ratings from 50 to 1,000 gpm.

The updated design improves energy efficiency, boosts durability and stretches operating life. AQ Series pump work best in clean-water applications such as landscaping, crop and livestock watering, pressure boosting and water circulation. The company says the AQ Series features standard plumbing connections for easy retrofits and a “back pull-out” design to facilitate repairs.

Aquasolar Corporation offers an array of systems and components for moving water . It serves residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial and municipal customers around the world. For more information: www.aquasolar.us

Surface pumps can be used for water sources in which the water surface is LESS THAN 20 feet (6m) below the pump. This includes shallow wells, springs, ponds, rivers, etc.

In some cases, a surface pump can be suspended in a well, as long as it is close to the water and will not get wet. Surface pumps cost less than submersibles.



* Two-pole induction motor(n=2850 r.p.m)

* Insulation Class B

* Protection IP44

* Continuous service S1

* Thermal protector

* Single-phase 220V/50Hz, 60Hz if request

* Three-phase 380V/50Hz, 60Hz if request



Operating conditions

* Liquid temperature to 600

* Ambient temperature to 400

* Total suction lift up to 8m


Component                    Construction

Pump body     Cast iron with brass/AISI304 insert if request,reduces the risk of impeller seizure

Pump support   Cast iron with brass/AISI304 insert if request,reduces the risk of impeller seizure


Motor housing   Aluminum,Sheet steel for CP130

Impeller        Brass

Motor shaft      Carbon steel, AISI420/304 SS if request

Mechanical seal   Ceramic / Graphite

Bearings         6202 RZ/6202 RZ (1 HP), 6204 RZ/6204 RZ (1.5H只2HP&3HP) 6205 RZ/6304 RZ (4HP), 6205 RZ/6206 RZ (5.5HP)

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