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Product Description

AQPTZ1 Rapid Wireless PTZ Camera Systems are the next generation in tactical video surveillance and portable video surveillance systems. Designed to offer highly adaptable, portable even Tactical Wireless Security Camera Systems, these solutions include entry level solutions for general security to high grade active operation surveillance systems with a modular concept. Just like other AQPTZ1 Wireless Camera Systems, the 4G series provides a wide array of HD Megapixel options like fixed and/or PTZ Camera configurations including full 360 degree, panoramic, fisheye, thermal IR, license plate capture, covert or any other type of surveillance and security device. The Power Options and Wireless Configurations are equally diverse including Battery Powered, Solar Powered to AC powered or charged systems and Communications such as 4G LTE cellular, WiFi, MiMo Wireless, Satellite or similar all at your fingertips. The kits create complete systems that include design options like simple hand assembled tripods to the new A2Z tripod with pneumatic telescoping mast system. Consider the A2Z quick connect cabling and exchangeable battery systems alone and the A2Z RWC Rapid Surveillance Systems are in a class of their own. Contact the A2Z Experts today and they'll customize a solution for you.

AQPTZ1 Rapid Wireless Camera Systems over-view:

All types, Single or Multiple Surveillance/Security Cameras optional (PTZ, Thermal IR, License Plate Capture, etc.)

1.3MP (720P), 2MP (1080P), 3MP, 4MP (2K), 5MP, 8MP (4K), 12MP+ Resolution Options

Web Viewer Interface, Mobile Applications, and Remote Client CMS including Notifications, Live Viewing, Search, Playback, and Export

ONVIF, RTSP, AES, FIPS and countless other IT standards, encryption methods included and/or available.

All kinds of Wireless Communication options not limited to 4G LTE, WiFi, Satellite, MiMo 900 MHz, 3 GHz, 5 GHz, and 4.9 GHz

Simple Tripods to A2Z's Tactical Tripod with 19ft Pneumatic Telescoping Mast for Rapid Deployment

Intelligent Power Systems - Battery Operated Minimum 2 Day Power Reserve All Systems, easily scalable to 5-7+ days

AQPTZ1's 110V AC Smart Charging Included allows recharge as well as continuous operation)

Alternative Power and Operating Modes allow for Solar Power to Hot Swappable/Exchangeable Battery Banks for non-stop recording.

Weatherproof, Complete Wireless Camera Systems with Tri-pod Stands, Outdoor Enclosures/Cases, Quick Connect Cabling System, etc.

AQPTZ1 System Samples of Main Parts:

Video Cameras, Wireless/LAN Communications, Recorder, Device PWR System, etc. Device Head

Standards, Tripods, Tripods w/Mast and Tripod Pneumatic Telescoping Mast

Integrated Cabling System Including Weatherproof Quick Connects

AQPTZ1 Portable PWR System Battery Bank w/Integrated Smart Charging 

Countless Add-On Options

Common Uses:

Military, Police/Law Enforcement

Construction Site Security

Oil and Power Site Security

Telecommunications Security

Community and Public Event Security

Wildlife Protection

Video Production/Photography

AQPTZ1 Rapid Wireless Camera Systems - Devices:

The RWC "Rapid Wireless Cameras" from AQPTZ1 Security Cameras deliver portable, quickly deployable remote video surveillance solutions with a vast selection of device options for nearly any request. The units support single to multiple capture devices as well as an assortment of added equipment options from two way Audio with Microphone and Speaker to LED Lighting, IR Illumination, Detectors and far more. The units likewise offer a wide set of specifications for each component, such as IP Cameras including 2MP resolution or 12MP resolution, units supporting Video Analytics and on-board Recording or I/O functionality is just the beginning. The AQPTZ1 Rapid Wireless PTZ Camera System by default includes a 10x optical Mini D/N Dome Pan/Tilt/Zoom IP Camera with 2MP/1080P High Definition. Alternatively as example though Pan/Tilt/Zoom options for 3MP or 5MP or 20x, 30x or even 40x optical zoom with or without integrated IR night vision and so on are all also available. Choose AQPTZ1  and expect the finest selection, most diverse capabilities and friendly experts to help you along the way.

AQPTZ1 Rapid Wireless Camera Systems - Communications:

AQPTZ1 Rapid Wireless Security Cameras Systems from AQUASOLAR obviously utilize wireless transmission as the primary form of system connectivity. These forms most often include 4G Cellular Uplink or MiMo PTP Wireless in a variety of frequencies, such as 900MHz, 2.4Ghz, 3Ghz, 4.9Ghz Public Safety or 5Ghz. Wireless options such as Satellite to IT standard WiFi protocols, users have almost unlimited choices and the ability to adapt. Generally Supplied with Low Profile, Omni Antennae the AQPTZ1 series can support a variety of external antenna options, as well as wireless communications options that support Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multi-Point, Self-Healing Ring, short range or long range transmission, LOS or NLOS. The AQUASOLAR Experts have years of experience in deploying wireless systems, throughout the world. Contact the AQUASOLAR Experts for the custom system you need today.

AQPTZ1 Rapid Wireless Camera Systems - POWER:

The AQPTZ1 Rapid Wireless Camera Systems include most often a Battery Powered design. All such battery power AQPTZ1 Tactical Wireless Cameras solutions are built to operate for a minimum 2 Days or more by default, yet the units can easily be expanded to support longer run-times. In fact, the units also support Hot Swap, Exchangeable battery banks allowing essentially continuous operation capabilities by switching out power banks. These AQPTZ1 Portable Battery Banks feature integrated Smart Charging via 110V AC power which can also support continuous operation creating highly flexible deployment options. As always, that is not all, AQPTZ1 Rapid Wireless Camera Systems can support other power options as well such as solar power enabling longer run times or even remain continuously active.

AQPTZ1 Rapid Wireless Camera Systems - Tripods/Mounts:

The AQPTZ1 are designed to be easily portable to even tactical wireless surveillance systems for on demand, outdoor ready remote video nearly anywhere. For General Security Systems a variety of cost effective, stands or tripods to AQPTZ1's telescoping mast systems offer users the perfect combination of hardware, software, performance, cost and usability. The new AQPTZ1 Manual Pump Pneumatic Telescoping Mast System is an even more rapid, deployable and tactical solution with minimal set up time, superb height as well as payload support. The AQPTZ1  Wireless Cameras are the industry's best choice for remote video systems and the AQPTZ1 Experts are available to help you achieve the optimal results.


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