Self consumption Kit 330 Watt

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Self consumption Kit 330 Watt

Is the self-consumption of renewable energies legal?

Energy self-consumption in United States is completely legal. The National Electrical Code of the United States, regulates the self-consumption of solar energy and allows self-consumption, with and without batteries, as well as being isolated from the network, even if there is electrical infrastructure in the area. The NEC imposes a series of tolls for installations of more than 10 kW, leaving tolls exempt from those of less than 10 kW. The NEC requires to install a power in solar panels, equal to or less than the power contracted with the electric, in addition to legalizing the installation, pour into the network without receiving anything in return (in installations of less than 100 kW) and install a second photovoltaic production counter.

What types of Self-consumption installation are there?

There are three types of typical photovoltaic installations:

Direct self-consumption (only when there is sun)

Self-consumption with batteries (Even when the sun goes down)

Isolated from the electrical network (with batteries)

This solar kit is ideal for beginners in the photovoltaic self-consumption; it is perfectly expandable at any time.

The photovoltaic grid connection Solar Kit 330W from aquasolar, consists of:

·         A polycrystalline photovoltaic solar module 330 Wp

·         A grid connection microinverter 400W.

The self-consumption solar kit is connected to the interior of your home grid (directly into a power outlet if the total power is less than 1000W).

The electricity savings you can expect from this solar kit depends on your location.

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