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  • Reward Points: 700
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Introducing Aquasolar's New Solar Pesticide
Aquasolar's solar-powered insect elimination systems have been designed and developed for commercial agricultural use; as an alternative to harmful insecticides. Aquasolar's advanced technology does not affect benign insects but harmful insects, which are active at night, which are attracted and killed.

The solar panel charges a battery during the day which powers our proprietary special bulb that is automatically turned on through a light sensor and a timer system at night. These unique bulbs emit a special wavelength of light that attracts insects. When the insects approach a distance of 4 to 8 inches from the bulb, a wave of light frequency disorients the pest that causes them to fall into the water container located under the light and drown.

The cost of our smart solar pesticides is substantially less than the costs of harmful agrochemicals.
Depending on its size and design, each unit is designed to cover an area of ​​between 3,300 to 26,600 square meters and to last an average of 7 to 10 years and panels 30 years.

The intelligent solar insecticide is benign with the environment throughout the year controlling pests during all seasons.
In its biological cycle, most agricultural pests have a winged or flying stage at some point in their life cycle. For example, the small phylloxera similar to an aphid is one of the most destructive grape pests in the world; with a complex life cycle that often involves a winged stage in the spring, summer or fall. By killing these pests in the flight stage - before they can lay their eggs - The life cycle of the phylloxera breaks.

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