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2.4kw/24vdc off-grid/hybrid inverter

The LV 2424 is a 2.4kw/24vdc special solar off-grid/hybrid inverter designed with a unique feature -- SPLIT PHASE output (110 & 220V output) for US, Canada, and Puerto Rico -- through parallel feature using at least 2 units in joint operation.  Max support for parallel operation is up to 9 units (*a parallel kit is required for each unit in parallel, sold separately.)

Each LV 2424, when used in standalone, provides 110/120v output and contains a 80A MPPT solar charger (approx 2000w of PV) and a 60A utility AC charger.  It also offers many programmable functions via LCD menu and supports both 50hz or 60hz frequency. In addition, there is a built-in genset starter dry contact which can be used to activate generators in the absence of grid (*require inverter-type generator with remote start feature) and free monitoring program SolarPower is included with purchase.

*to enable "split phase" operation, minimum of 2 units of LV 2424 in parallel are required.

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