Perimetral Solar Electric Fence

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The SOLARSHOCK Low Impedance Battery Operated 30-Mile Range Electric Fence Charger.

* 12-volt magnum low impedance battery operated 30-mile range electric fence charger.

* In the event of a security breach, SOLARSHOCK's auto dialer will send   automatic calls to your mobile phone, your work phone,                                                                                                                                                        your best   friend's cell phone, or any other phone that you pre-program for emergency notifications.

* SOLARSHOCK's exclusive built-in performance meter tells the exact   condition of your fence; takes the guess work out of electric fencing

* SOLARSHOCK provides up to three months of continuous operation between   battery charges

* Weatherproof, portable outdoor model for installation

* 1 year warranty

*  Made in USA


Perimetral Electric fence with arming / disarming by remote control and control via cellular application.


Output pulse energy: 0.5Joule.

Open output voltage of 18,000V.

Control via smartphone *. (it will only be controlled with smartphone if it is connected together with an active 20 or an active 32 duo that has the module and access to the mobile application)

Programmable trip mode.

Fence sensitivity adjustment on 3 levels.

Accepts remote control and wireless sensors 433.92Mhz.

Output for monitoring.

Two arming / disarming modes.

Maximum spinning length: 1,600m linear.

* When interconnected with monitored line (according to diagram below) that has access to the cellular application.



01- Electric fence central JFL ECR 18

02- Remote control 3 keys with batteries

18- Big Haste 25x25 with 6 W insulation

18- Rod covers (bung)

04- Big 25x25 Corner Stem with 12 Insulators

04- Caps for rod (bung)

48- Hooks

48- Nuts

48- Chestnuts

01- Sealed battery 12V 7 Amperes (power failure)

01- Siren 12v

02- Roll steel wire 0.90 240 Meters AL each roll Total 480 m

01- Roll 10 meters high voltage wire

01- Roll 10 meters cable for siren

08- Warning signs

OBS.Big Haste De Chumbar

We have fixing brackets sold separately

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