Portable Desalination EXODUS-500

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  • Availability: In Stock
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The EXODUS sea water & brackish well water reverse osmosis systems are designed 

for commercial and residential applications where floor space is at a premium. All 

major system elements are mounted within a sturdy tubular stainless steel frame, 

welded for long term rigidity and open for easy access to all components. The 

Aquasolar sea water filter system is a compact, heavy duty sea water R.O. water 

purifier for users requiring 500, 1500, up to 10,000 gallons per day water 

production. As with all of our purifier products, The Aquasolar system is fully 

equipped with the instruments and controls needed for reliable long term operation. 

Aquasolar features include:

    Stainless steel frame, structural ABS control panel

    Caster wheels for mobile portability - Each EXODUS unit is equipped with    

    wheels for portability

    316 SS High pressure pump with safety relief valve

    Fiber reinforced 1000 PSI pressure vessel

    20" Prefilter for 2.5"x20" cartridge

    Quick connect brine and product connections

    Prefilter in & out and membrane vessel in & out pressure gauges

    Product water flowmeter

    Brine flow meter

    High Pressure control SS needle valve

    Panel mounted digital TDS product water quality monitor

    Portable Superior Water Quality Monitoring: Allows you to easily test your     

    water before and after the EXODUS-500. Portable waterproof tester offers high   

    accuracy electrical conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS) and     

    temperature measurements in a single tester!

    Low energy, thin film sea water membrane element

    Microprocessor system controller

    Automatic product water membrane flush - Clean water flushes the membrane upon 


    New Separate Feature: Water Alarm now included with every EXODUS-500 Order. 

    Portable water leak detection/water alarm system - Helps detects water leaks   

    and moisture. Sounds a loud alarm when water is detected. Includes 6ft of wire   

    attached to the sensor and up to 100 feet of additional wire can be spliced     

    into the line. Perfect for monitoring from your office or work area. 


    Dimensions: 22"W x 26"D x 49"H

    Weight: 170 lbs.

    Output*: 500 GPD, 0.35 GPM - *Based on typical 35,000 ppm feed sea water at 72 

    degrees F

    Membrane: 1 Low energy, high rejection thin film sea water type

    Dissolved Solids Rejection: 98-99%

    Prefilter: 10 micron polypropylene depth type

    Power Req.: 100 Watt Solar Panel

    Connections: Feed - 3/4" FPT, product and brine - 1/2" tube

    System Control: Microprocessor control by product tank level and feed 

    pressure. Also provides product TDS monitoring.

    Salinity Monitoring: Automatic electronic monitoring. Temperature compensated 

    with the digital continuous readout. The salinity monitoring components of the 

    system provide TDS readout in ppm (parts per million) of product water.

    Salinity Range: Designed for seawater use up to 50,000PPM TDS (NaCl) (typical 

    seawater salinity is 35,000 ppm)

    Automatic Membrane Flush: Membranes flushed with product water for 5 min. 

    after every shutdown

    Temperature Range: Max. 113oF / 45oC, Min. 33oF / .5oC

    ** Required System Inlet Feed Water Flow: 6 gpm - If you do not have a well

    pump or inlet delivery pump a Booster Pump Will Be Required - On the sea water/

    well water systems there is almost always a need for a boost pump to deliver the 

    sea or well water to the R.O. and a pretreatment sand filter before the R.O.

    System Feed Water Pressure: Minimum 25 psi /1.8 bar, Maximum 80 psi / 5.6 bar

    RO System Operating Pressure (sea water): Nominal 700 psi / 49 bar

    pH Range: 3-11 (typical seawater pH is 8)

    Operating Parameters: TDS-35000ppm, Total iron is less than .2ppm, Manganese 

    is less than .04ppm, Water hardness below 10gpg. Chlorine Tolerance: 0.1 PPM 

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