Solar Street LED Lamp with security IP camera

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SUNLUX GUARD. The new Solar Street LED Lamp with security WIFI camera and integrated motion sensor, waterproof and powered by a powerful solar panel with 3 working modes.

SUNLUX GUARD lamps were created by AQUASOLAR for commercial quality lighting systems, residential streets, parking lots and security lighting, using high quality solar systems and an IP camera that allows you to monitor the site where it is installed 24 hours a day and programmed to send E-mail messages in case of detecting an anomaly.

The applications for outdoor lighting systems with solar energy are endless. These units can be used for: security lighting and protection, lighting of rural areas, dock lights, park lighting, parking lighting, path lighting, street lighting, traffic lighting, outdoor lighting, military and civil security, etc.

The costs of trenching and installing underground wiring often make a solar lighting system a low-cost, economically viable option.

The advantage of SUNLUX GUARD solar street light is twofold: providing safety and financial benefits

The installation of SUNLUX GUARD is more affordable than the installation of traditional lighting in some areas. When you choose SUNLUX GUARD, your installation costs include the following benefits:

Trench wiring: with SUNLUX GUARD it is not necessary to pass the underground cable of the electrical transformer closest to your lighting system.

Trenching - Because SUNLUX GUARD is a fully autonomous and independent street sunlight system, you do not need to pay the additional costs of digging ditches for your underground wiring.

Replacement landscaping: As you do not need to ditch to install the SUNLUX GUARD system, there is no additional cost to replace and repair the land that was torn during the trenching process.

Land use rights: without the need for external cable connections, SUNLUX GUARD street lamps allow you, the external user, to provide consistent and affordable lighting in your lighting locations without the need to negotiate with owners to use their properties for underground wiring and landscaping.

Eliminate the electric meter: with SUNLUX GUARD there is no need to measure your lighting system. This means that you will save the cost of purchasing and installing a meter and electrical connection fees.

Without electrical use and demand charges: because the SUNLUX GUARD is completely solar powered, you do not need to pay for the use of electricity.

Lifetime of LED light is more than 50,000 hours: save on bulb replacement, maintenance and installation cost.


The SUNLUX GUARD lighting and security system is powered by a 10-watt solar panel composed of our exclusive high-efficiency super cells.

SUNLUX GUARD produces 1,300 lumens (in full power mode) with the activation of the Guardian PIR motion sensor. Normal operation or dark model with 150 lumens (in dim mode).

Guardian PIR motion sensor function that automatically controls the LED light output of the full brightness model (1,300 lumens) to a lower light level mode (150 lumens), depending on the detection of movement around the light. This fluctuation in lighting intensity conserves battery power and also serves to increase the safety of the community by discouraging unsociable activity late at night and early in the morning where these lights are installed.

The system has integrated a wifi security camera to monitor your property from anywhere in the world you are.

Easy and fast installation: it only takes 1-2 minutes to finish the wireless connection, that is, the high quality IP WiFi camera comes with an updated user manual, without any connection problems

720p Full HD video and image quality day and night: 720p high definition CCTV security camera. 36 pieces of IR light, you can see what is happening in the dark with automatic infrared lights

It supports remote monitoring, recording and playback directly from anywhere on PC, web browsers and smartphones (iPhone and Android). Supports MicroSD card (up to 128GB), FTP, NVR (ONVIF 2.0-2.4) storage.

Intelligent motion detection: Real-time motion alarm via email or telephone notification, 7/24 continuous recording support, time recording, motion detection recording and specific areas for motion detection. You can customize any type of recording plan according to what you need.

Designed for a pole height of 2.5 to 3 meters and a distance of 4 to 5 meters.

NOTE: The price US$199.00 is for 12 units, for less is US$299.00

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